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Change its name. It sounded like a photo editor when I didn't read the description.

Masterjatin, 04.01.2013, 08:29
Idea status: under consideration


chris, 04.01.2013, 09:55
LoL? The name is perfect like the program. Process Lasso is the best.
Stinky McGhee, 04.01.2013, 16:38
Seriously? If you thought this was a photo editor you need glasses or an education.
Prashant, 04.01.2013, 17:10
I some how agree or atleast make it CPU Process Lasso, the word lasso made me think of Photoshop instantly.
Jeremy Collake, 06.01.2013, 03:31
This has been on my mind since its inception ;)

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